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Degrees and Certifications:

Dr. Diane Barbosa

Term: January 4, 2023 through Reorganization meeting January 2026.

I'm Diane Barbosa, a resident of this great city of Elizabeth. I graduated from St John’s University, Queens, New York, as a Doctor of Pharmacy and have been practicing at a local pharmacy in Elizabeth for more than 10 years. I hold multiple certifications in my field including immunization in which I have been responsible in over 350 immunizations per year. I am a proud wife and loving mother of four-year-old twins that attend pre-k 4 in our district. I find myself committed to being their voice and am determined and focused to be the voice of all the children in Elizabeth that attend our schools. As an advocate of our community, I am focused to be an advocate for the children and parents of the Elizabeth Public School District as a member of the Elizabeth Board of Education.

Many nights after I put my children to sleep I spend hours looking at them worrying and wondering; will they have a good teacher , will they learn their ABCs, be bullied or even have an equal opportunity at education tomorrow in school. Well, worry no more. If elected, I will work together with the other board members, parents, and faculty members to make sure each child is in a safe nurturing environment so they can learn to their full potential, that all students are given equal opportunities to do their individual best, and specifically students with special needs be given the services they need and are allowed by law. The truth is a child must have all the support they need in order to reach their maximum potential: Smaller class sizes if needed, checking qualifications of teachers, teachers aides and bus aides, and in the end increasing those graduation rates.

Every child deserves a voice. I have a child that doesn’t quite have words yet so I will be his voice and the voice of every child that can not communicate and gets left behind. I will not sit back for my children and not for yours. I’m committed to serving the students, faculty, and employees of Elizabeth School district and make sure our tax dollars are spent appropriately.

As a team, things get done. It shouldn't be a battle nor should it be about politics. Keep politics out and make it about the students, parents, teachers , faculty members and employees of the school district. The election process should not be about negativity but about exemplifying yourself and making yourself known to the people through your actions and words. On a daily basis my job is to care for the health and well being of people and to be a mom. I will apply my experience, knowledge , and expertise collectively with the other board members to make this a healthy and educationally nourishing district because remember "Alone we are smart but working together we are brilliant."--Thank You

Dr. Diane Barbosa PHD