The general mandatory powers and duties of the Board are defined in Title 18A of New Jersey statutes. Other sections of the statutes state or imply that a local Board of Education has full power to operate the local public schools as it deems fit in compliance with State and federal mandates and pertinent laws of the municipality. The Board functions only when in session. The Board of Education sees these as its required functions:

    • Policy oversight

    The Board is responsible for the development of policy and for the employment of a Chief School Administrator who shall carry out its policies

    through the development and implementation of regulations. The Board is responsible for evaluating the effectiveness of its policies and their implementation. This includes setting and evaluating goals in educational and financial areas.

    • Educational planning

    The Board is responsible for requiring and acquiring reliable information from responsible sources that will enable it and the staff to work toward the continuing improvement of the educational program.

    • Provision of financial resources

    The Board has major responsibilities for the adoption of a budget that will provide the wherewithal, in terms of buildings, staff, materials, and equipment, to enable the school system to carry out its functions.

    • Interpretation

    The Board is responsible for providing adequate and direct means for keeping the local community informed about the school district and for keeping itself and the school staff informed about the wishes of the public. All planning, that which is and that which is not related to the budget, needs to be interpreted to the public if citizens are to support the school program.

    The Board believes that, by diligently exercising these functions, it will be able to provide the best educational opportunities possible for our children within the financial limitations set by the community. The Board shall exercise its powers through the legislation of bylaws and policies for the organization and operation of the school district. The Board shall be responsible for the operation of the school district but shall delegate the administration to the Chief School Administrator, who shall be appointed by a recorded roll-call majority vote of the full Board.

    The Board may hear appeals in complaints and in grievance and disciplinary actions as defined in these policies and in the law.



    The Board of Education shall be comprised of nine (9) members serving terms of three (3) years, as required by law.

    Terms of Office

    The term of a Board Member shall be three years, except that a member appointed to fill a vacancy shall serve until the organization meeting following the next annual election, unless he/she has been appointed to fill a vacancy occurring within the sixty (60) days immediately preceding such election to fill a term extending beyond such election, in which case he/she shall serve until the organization meeting following the second annual election next succeeding the occurrence of the vacancy. All members shall serve after the expiration of their respective terms until the appointment and qualification of their successors.