Daniel Nina

Phone: 908-436-5126


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Daniel Nina

Term: January 7, 2016 through Reorganization meeting January 2019

Daniel Nina was born and raised in Elizabeth, and is the proud son of immigrant parents from the Dominican Republic. Daniel attributes his desire to give back to the community by the strong family values instilled in him by his parents at a very young age. Daniel attended the Elizabeth Public Schools and graduated from Elizabeth High School in 1996.

Daniel is presently working as one of "Elizabeth's Bravest," becoming the first Dominican American firefighter in Elizabeth.  Daniel is the recipient of two statewide awards for valor, for putting his life in danger while rescuing two Elizabeth children being held out of a fourth-floor window of a burning building.

Daniel feels it is his duty to represent Elizabeth’s children and is looking forward to working with students, parents and educators to achieve high quality education for all students at the Elizabeth Schools.