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  • Director, Amy Gil
    Tel. 908.436.5375
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    Parker Building
    31 Parker Road
    Elizabeth, NJ 07208

About Us

  • The Mission of the Division of Research, Evaluation and Assessment is to empower schools to improve teaching and learning through the delivery of relevant and timely data in order to achieve the district's vision of becoming one of the best school districts in the state 

    The work of REA is to:

    • Oversee the administration of state and local standardized assessments
    • Communicate the data from these assessments to all district stakeholders
    • Train school leaders and personnel to understand the data and continuously engage these persons in dialogue to utilize these data for instructional change and improvement
    • Cultivate the development of mechanisms in a school for the express purpose of data analysis and application
    • Review and disseminate educational research
    • Review and manage requests for student achievement and other educational data
    • Evaluate the effectiveness of programs thereby enabling the continuous refinement of curriculum and instruction for our students to achieve excellence.