• Summer Jobs

    Welcome to Summer Jobs Online.

    *If you are working under an emergency teaching certificate, please do not apply.

    All Elizabeth Public School employees applying for 2020 Summer Job positions will need to log into the PowerSchool Staff portal -  https://classroom.powerschool.com

    (*Please note if you are an admin user you must sign out of the PowerSchool admin portal and log back in using the link above)

    1. Click on the “Quick Links” link found on the middle left hand side.
    2. Click on the “PowerTeacher Portal Home” link on the page.
    3. Click on the “Forms” link found on the middle left hand side.
    4.  Click on the "Other Forms" middle tab found on the top of the page below PowerSchool SIS 
    5. Click on the “Summer Jobs Application 2020” link found in the middle of the screen.
    6. Wait for the form to load…. Takes a few seconds…
    7. Thoroughly read and fill out the form, YOU MUST CLICK THE SUBMIT BUTTON to submit your application once filled.