• Interpretation and Translation Services

    In an effort to support communication with families whose home language is not English, we have provided links to documents translated into the top 4 languages spoken (Spanish) Espanol | (Portuguese) Português | (Haitian Créole) Kreyòl Ayisyen | (Arabic) العربية in the school district.  We also provide an online translation process of our district website using Google

    Translate by simply clicking on the Translate tab located on the top left menu bar on our website and selecting a language.

    Families - Interpretation and Translation Services

    Parents' Rights: Interpretation and Translation Services
    (Arabic) العربية (Spanish) Espanol | (Portuguese) Português | (Haitian Créole) Kreyòl Ayisyen | English

    Fact Sheet: Information for Limited-English Proficient Parents (U.S. Department of Education)
    English | Arabic | Cambodian |Chinese (simplified and traditional) | Hmong | Korean | Laotian | Russian | Spanish | Tagalog | Vietnamese


    Districts - Interpretation and Translation Services

    Parent Identificaton
    School districts must have a process to determine parents' language needs, such as a home language survey or questions on an enrollment form about each parent's language needs. Make sure the enrollment form or home language survey is provided to every parent in a language they can understand.
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    Informing Families about their Rights

    All parents have the right to information about their child’s education in a language they understand. This often includes translated documents and a language interpreter for meetings and conversations. The Elizabeth Public Schools provides translated documents in the top four languages of the district (Spanish) Espanol | (Portuguese) Português | (Haitian Créole) Kreyòl Ayisyen | (Arabic) العربية . If you are in need of assistance in a language other than the aforementioned, kindly contact your school Principal.

    Poster: We Can Help You in Your Language!
    Please find this multi-language poster  informing our families on how to request an interpreter or a translated document in all schools and offices.

    Interpretation Services

    Our school staff offer an interpreter whenever requested by a parent or when school staff anticipate an interpreter might be needed to meaningfully communicate about their child. This includes parent-teacher conferences, meetings or any other conversations about a student's education.

    Qualified, Competent Interpreters

    Our schools provide language assistance to limited-English proficient families effectively with appropriate, competent staff-or appropriate and competent outside resources.

    Phone Interpretation
    We offer phone interpretation language services whereby school staff can communicate with families who need assistance through an interpreter on the phone. This service can also be used for in-person meetings with the interpreter on speaker phone.

    The district and schools can coordinate interpretation services upon request. The contracted interpretation service provides access to interpreters in more than 118 different languages (appointment is needed).

    Translation Services

    Qualified, Competent Translators
    Our schools provide language assistance to limited-English proficient families effectively with appropriate, competent staff-or appropriate and competent outside resources.

    Important Document Notice
    If a situation arises when the district or schools are unable to translate a document immediately, please note that translation is available upon request.

    Elizabeth Public Schools offers translation accessibility of district communication and materials. For further assistance, please contact ______________.

    Las Escuelas Públicas de Elizabeth ofrecen accesibilidad de traducción de comunicación y materiales del distrito. Para obtener más ayuda, comuníquese con ___________.

    As Escolas Públicas de Elizabeth oferecem acessibilidade à tradução de materiais e comunicação do distrito. Para obter mais assistência, entre em contato com __________.

    Lekòl Piblik Elizabeth yo ofri tradiksyon aksè nan kominikasyon distri a ak materyèl yo. Pou plis asistans tanpri kontakte_________________.



    We offer profesional development to staff, including front office staff, counselors, and teachers, on how to access an interpreter or translated documents when needed, and how to communicate effectively using an interpreter.

    Resources and Support

    Federal Policy and Guidance

    Questions? Contact Us

    A discussion with your school principal is often the best step to address your concerns. If further assistance is needed, please contact Sandra Nunes, Director of Bilingual Education, English as a Second Language, and World Languages, at 908-436-5340 or nunessa@epsnj.org