Application Instructions

  • How to Apply

    Step 1:

    Access the A300 Form (PDF) below.

    Step 2:

    Fill out the available fields in the interactive form on your computer or mobile device. Complete Section A entirely and only list the 4 digits of your Social Security number. Employer completes Section B.

    Step 3:

    Print form. Obtain required parntal signature and date for Section A and employer signature and date for Section B. Also sign your name in Section E where signature of minor is displayed.

    Step 4:

    To complete Section C (Physician's Ceritfication), provide form to a licensed physician (family doctor or school nurse).

    Step 5:


    Student will bring completed form to their respective high school. Next, the secretary will scan the form to the designated officer. 


    If there are any issues with your A300 form, the Issuing Officer will contact you with directions.

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