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  • Bilingual/ESL Education

    The Goal of the Bilingual Program: 

    Our Strength Lies in our Differences

    The Elizabeth Public Schools is committed to creating excellence in academics by providing and ensuring equal educational opportunities for English Language Learners through the use of research-based, best practices, and the delivery of instruction that meets the needs of all students. As part of our bilingual program, English language learners learn content in their primary language while developing English language skills and ultimately mastering state standards.  We boost students' performance by providing intensive instruction in the listening, speaking, reading, writing, and comprehension of English as a means of cultivating strong academic language and skills.  We pledge to celebrate and appreciate the linguistic and cultural diversity of our district's population by orienting and involving parents and community members.


  • Bilingual Programs

    Bilingual Self-Contained Program

    The ABL(Advanced Bilingual) Program

    Bilingual In-Class Support

    Sheltered Instruction

    Bilingual Magnet Programs:  Spanish, Grades 6-8 

    Departmentalized Bilingual Program for Grades 9-12

    Point of Entry Program for Grade 9

    The Bilingual Program was recognized by the NJDOE as a Bilingual Model Program for 2016-2018

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  • Multicultural

    Multicultural Week- We're All In This Together

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  • Bilingual ESL Department



  • Supervisor of World Languages
    Ileana Mena
    Phone: 908.436.5341
    Email:  MenaIl@epsnj.org

    Supervisor of Bilingual/ESL (K-5)
    Maria C. Triana-Gonzalez
    Phone: 908.436.5301
    Email: trianama@epsnj.org

    Supervisor of Bilingual/ESL (6-12)
    Rebecca Orellana
    Phone: 908.436.5352
    Email: orellanare@epsnj.org