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    Registration — Required Documents for all Grades (K through 12)


    The child’s birth certificate, his/her immunization records, Physical Examination (within one year) and proof of residency as listed below. Please provide one of the following to meet your five point requirement:

    ___ Deed                                                          ___ Mortgage

    ___ Current Property Tax Bill                               ___ Landlord Affidavit (form 6-C)”

    ___ Current Lease or 5-C form                           


    Four of the following (All must have your name and address)

    ___ Government Issued Identification                  ___ Credit card bill

    ___ Current Gas bill                                              ___ Current Electrical Bill

    ___ Current Cable Bill                                           ___ Benefit Statement

    ___ Current Water/sewer Bill                                ___ Current Cell Phone Bill

    ___ Homeowner Insurance                                   ___ Auto Insurance

    ___ Paystub from Employer                                  ___ Bank Statement


    A parent or guardian must be present for the registration process.