Winfield Scott School No. 2 is a proud recipient of the 2017 Union County Kids Dig In! School Grant. This award will allow our students to start the School Two Gardening Club. Ten elementary and middle school students will join together to learn valuable lessons in ecological consciousness and nutritional responsibility as we plant cauliflower, eggplant, string beans and tomatoes. We will use this gardening experience to integrate curricula and meet learning standards, giving our children the chance to develop a wide range of academic and social skills. With our science teacher, Ms. Anastasia Hrissifanis, as the head gardener the School 2 Gardening Club will make valuable connections with math, science and social studies. We also hope to enjoy some eggplant Parmesan made from the vegetables we grow.

    We are deeply grateful to Union County Freeholder Sergio Granados and Board Member Maria Carvalho for encouraging our efforts and for being honorary members of the School Two Gardening Club.