Child Study Team

  • Child Study Team

    The Child Study Team is comprised of a School Psychologist, a Learning Disability Teacher Consultant, Social Worker and Speech & Language Therapist (if applicable). 

    Responsibilities of the Child Study Team include maintaining compliance with federal, state and district guidelines. The Child Study Team determines the needs of special education students and, along with the IEP Team, the educational and related services to be included in the IEP in accordance with the Least Restrictive Environment (LRE). 

    Case Manager

    A designated member of the Child Study Team is assigned as a case manager to oversee all aspects of the special education process, beginning with the initial referral to when the special education student exits special education services or graduates from high school and transitions to a post-secondary education plan.  

    The designated case manager oversees the implementation, with fidelity, of the IEP and should be the first point of contact for any special education-related questions or concerns. 

    Related Services Provider

    Related Service providers include speech-language pathologists, occupational therapists, physical therapists, and school psychologists who provide related services to the special education student.  Service providers develop IEP goals and objectives to address deficits that may academically impact the student.