EPS Networking Department

    The Elizabeth Public Schools Information Technology Department (EPS-IT Dept.)
    strives to be on the cutting edge of technological resources and innovation. As such, the EPS IT Dept. has erected a robust technology infrastructure to support our stakeholders; students, teachers, professional staff and all team members within the district.


    The EPS IT Dept. has strategically arranged our data centers in specific geographical locations. Common Connection Points (HUBS), support our entire district via the 2 main HUBS, allowing for diversified circuitry and redundancy to our Wide / Local Area Networks with in each building. In addition, this type of infrastructure allows for solid contingency planning with minimal to no interruption to services in case of any natural or manmade disaster. Immediate contingency planning and disaster recovery can be implemented to restore our critical systems to support our schools and administrative offices.

    Wide Area Network(s)The EPS IT Dept. provides and supports state of the art connectivity for all end users within our network allowing 20 gigabits (2x10) of data to be transmitted per second to each sight. This allows for maximum capacity to sustain all our core software and hardware systems and ultimately our end users.

    1850 Wireless Access Points: Allow up to 200 users per access point; due to the redundancy of our access points and to ensure maximization of bandwidth one access point may support 20/30 users  

    WIFI Connectivity: The EPS IT Dept. has capitalized on the latest wireless technology 802.11-AC and 802.11-AC WAV-2, allowing faster data transmission allowing our networks to support simultaneous systems and streaming multiple HD- quality videos to multiple devices. Why is this Important?

    Many of the standardized test (PARCC) require students to watch video clips to answering test questions.

    The EPS Instruction team conducts / provides meetings and virtual training via Skype.

    What does this all mean? The Elizabeth Public Schools has met the criteria as a “Future Ready School District” and is proud to host one of the most current and innovative technological educational infrastructures in the State of New Jersey. In addition, our technology initiatives are aligned with the "National Educational Technology Plan by the Office of Educational Technology" and the "New Jersey Department of Education’s" Digital Learning Plan to support anytime, all the time learning in the U.S. public school districts.