Parents Responsibilities

    • Parents are responsible for the safety of students until they board the bus. We encouraged parents to escort their children to the bus stop, especially along and across busy roadways.
    • Parents must notify schools with change of home, work and cell phone numbers, as well as student emergency list.
    • Parents of Pre-K to 4th grade students are required to meet them at the stop at the end of their school day. Should there be no one to receive the child, he/she will be taken back to the school and transportation home becomes the responsibility of the parent.
    • For departmental safety and tracking, your child is only permitted to ride the bus he/she is assigned to and get on and off at their assigned stop only. No ineligible riders are allowed on the bus.
    • Bus Drivers are not allowed to exit the bus unless there is an emergancy. Parents are to walk to the bus to drop off and retrieve your child. Our bus drivers and bus aides are not permitted to walk up to front doors to drop off and receive children.
    • Please give your bus routes a 10 minute window on picking up and dropping off. We live in a very congested city and at times traffic and weather could cause long delays.


    Bus stops will not be changed as a matter of convenience.