Parents Responsibilities

    • Parents bear the responsibility for ensuring the safety of students until they board the bus. We strongly encourage parents to accompany their children to the bus stop, particularly when crossing busy roads.

    • It is essential for parents to promptly update the school with any changes in home, work, or cell phone numbers, as well as updates to the student emergency contact list.

    • Parents of Pre-K to 4th grade students must be present at the bus stop at the conclusion of the school day to receive their children. If no one is available to receive the child, they will be returned to the school, and it becomes the parent's responsibility to arrange transportation home.

    • For safety and operational purposes, students are only allowed to ride the bus they are assigned to and must embark and disembark at their designated stop exclusively. Unauthorized riders are not permitted on the bus.

    • Bus drivers are only authorized to leave the bus in emergencies. Parents are expected to walk to the bus stop to drop off and pick up their child. Our drivers and bus aides are not permitted to approach front doors for drop-offs or pickups.

    • Please allow a 10-minute window for bus routes to pick up and drop off students. Our city experiences significant congestion, and factors like traffic and inclement weather may cause delays.


    Bus stops will not be changed as a matter of convenience.