Student Responsibilities

    • Only students that are eligible for transportation will be permitted to ride the bus. No student may ride a bus that they are not assigned on the drivers roster sheet.
    • Please give the drivers at least a 10 minute window prior to your stop time. Also, you must allow 10 minutes after your stop time for the bus in case there are any unforeseen circumstances that might cause a bus to be late, such as traffic or weather.
    • it is recommended that you wait for your bus in a safe place. Do not play or stand in the road. Respect the property of the area your stop is located at.
    • Please do not approach the bus until it has come to a complete stop and the driver has opened the door. If you must cross a roadway to get to your stop, you should cross only when the school bus arrives and stops, the red lights are flashing, the stop arm has been engaged, and the driver has signaled you to cross. ALWAYS cross in front of the bus (at a distance of 10 feet), NEVER behind.
    • Enter the bus in an orderly manner, take your seat, buckle your seat belt and remain seated. Keep your head and arms inside the bus at all times. Keep the aisles clear of feet, legs, arms, backpacks, etc.
    • Keep the noise level at a minimum for the safest driving conditions.
    • Follow the instructions of your bus driver. The driver has the authority to assign or change seats whenever necessary. Behave appropriately and be courteous to the driver and your fellow passengers.
    • Students are required to maintain classroom-like behavior. Keep your hands to yourself. Pushing, grabbing, and reaching over seats is not permitted. Vandalism to any part of the bus will not be tolerated and will be treated with appropriate discipline.
    • No smoking on the bus. No gum, food or drinks are permitted.
    • Oversized objects (musical instruments, sports equipment, skateboards, etc.) are not permitted on the bus to school or home from school.
    • Be on time at the end of the school day. Once the driver closes the door and the bus begins to move, he is not permitted to open the door for anyone else under any circumstances.
    • Many of our buses are equipped with video surveillance for the safety of all passengers.
    • Never attempt to pick up anything dropped underneath the bus.
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