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  • nurse School nurses assume a vital role in the delivery of health care to all students in the Elizabeth Public Schools. 

    School nurses are professionals with a high degree of competence, ethical standards, medical knowledge and compassion. The major responsibility of the school nurse is to provide the necessary professional expertise so student health needs can be identified, assessed and monitored.

    Health Policies

    It is the responsibility of school authorities to protect the school population from the spread of communicable diseases while, at the same time, making every effort to minimize the loss of school time by the involved students.  Do not send your child to school with an unexplained rash or if the child complains of a headache, fever, upset stomach, has a runny nose or other cold symptoms, or doesn't appear to be in good health.  Consult you physician for a diagnosis. Please notify the school if your child is absent because of a communicable disease so that we may safeguard the health of the other students.

    Physical Examinations and Health Screenings 

    All students are examined each year by school medical inspectors.  If preferred, this examination can be done by a family physician provided the results of the exam are entered on the standard school form and submitted to the school nurse. This medical form is available through the school nurses in the district and a request for this form must be completed and returned each September.