Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • 1. If I attend any of the High Schools, will I have the necessary requirements to attend college? 
    • All EPS High Schools provide the necessary requirements for a post-secondary education.


    2. If I have ever received a uniform to attend an Elizabeth Public School, will I have to purchase a uniform for High School? 
    • Students receive only one free uniform regardless of which school they attend. If you have already received a free uniform, you must purchase any additional uniforms.


    3. Will all of the High Schools require a uniform? 
    • Yes. All of the High Schools require a uniform.


    4. Will there be more than one athletic team for each sport? 
    • There will be one athletic program representing all of the High Schools.


    5. Will there be one band? 
    • There will be one Marching Band, one Jazz Band, one String Ensemble, and one Concert Band representing all of the High Schools.


    6. Will there be one Prom or one in each High School? 
    • There will be one Prom for all of the High Schools.


    7. What if I change my mind and want to change High Schools or Strands within a High School after school starts? 
    • You would need to discuss the issue and process with your School Counselor. Your ability to transfer to another High School or Strand within a High School will depend on program availability and your meeting any specific program requirements.


    8. What if I do not apply to any of the High Schools? 
    • You will be contacted and required to complete an application.


    9. What if I change my mind after I submit my application? 
    • You will need to speak with your School Counselor and he/she will explain the choices available at that time.


    10. Will I be guaranteed one of the High Schools or Strands I select? 
    • Every effort will be made to accommodate student requests; however, fulfilling student requests will depend on program availability and specific program requirements.


    11. May I submit a paper application? 
    • All applications must be made online. You can submit an application from any computer with Internet access.


    12. May I write my essay in a language other than English? 
    • Every attempt should be made to write your essay in English. If your primary language is not English, or you prefer to write your essay in your native language, you may do so and you will need to notify your counselor.


    13. When is my application complete? 
     Your application is complete when: 

    • You make all required High School/Strand selections. 
    • Electronically submit your application. 
    • Print the confirmation page. 
    • Student and parent/guardian sign the confirmation page. 
    • Student returns the signed confirmation page to their current school.

    14. When will I be notified of my High School placement? 

    • Notification letters will sent on or about July.