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Art Department (Grade 9 - Grade 12)

  • Building on the educational outcomes of the Visual Arts in elementary and middle school education lends to extensive programs at the high school level. In Grade 9-12 art courses such as Drawing, Painting, Ceramics, Photography, AP Art History, Ap Studio Art and Sculpture prepares students for personal development in the arts. The construction of a body of work becomes instrumental in admission to higher education and professional development as the students prepare for future careers.

    The New Jersey Standards for Visual Arts builds opportunities for students to grow in affective, academic, and social ways through the explorations of visual media in their own art making. Following a comprehensive introduction to the Visual Arts, students demonstrate rigorous inquiry into specific disciplinary fields of study. The standards guide development of the students’ technical skills and higher-order thinking. This sequenced, developmentally appropriate set of standards for high school has been designed to develop aesthetic understanding, creative thinking, artistic skills and knowledge, historical and cultural context, critical analysis, and connections to other disciplines.

Contact Information

  • Tracy Monteiro
    Supervisor of Arts
    40 Morrell Street
    Elizabeth, NJ 07202