Office Name Name Title Telephone
Superintendent of Schools Olga Hugelmeyer Superintendent of Schools 908.436.6131
Assistant Superintendent Dr. Jennifer Cede´┐Żo Assistant Superintendent for Teaching and Learning 908.436.5163
Assistant Superintendent Rafael A. Cortes, Jr. Assistant Superintendent for Schools 908.436.5311
Assistant Superintendent Frank Cuesta Interim Assistant Superintendent for Human Resources 908.436.5030
School Business Administrator Harold Kennedy, Jr. School Business Administrator/Board Secretary 908.436.5112
Comptroller Rajeev Malhotra Comptroller 908.436.5139
Legal Department Jonathan Williams / Robert F. Varady Co - General Counsel 908.436.5006
Office Name Name Title Telephone
Athletics Judy Finch-Johnson Director of Athletics 908.436.6690
Bilingual & ESL Education Dr. Lisette Calvo Director of Bilingual & ESL Education 908.436.5340
Early Childhood Education Tracy Crosby Director of Early Childhood Education 908.436.5351
Elementary Education Dr. Daphne C. Marchetti Director of Elementary and Secondary Education 908.436.5354
Food and Nutrition Services Jamie J. Leavitt Director of Food and Nutrition Services 908.436.5401
Plant, Property & Equipment Luis R. Couto Director of Plant, Property and Equipment 908.436.5177
Plant, Property & Equipment Luis E. Milanes, Jr. Acting Coordinator of Mechanics 908.436.5181
Technology and Information Systems Alberto A. Marsal Chief Information Officer (Technology) 908.436.5061
Research, Evaluation and Assessment Amy Gil Director of Research, Evaluation and Assessment 908.436.5375
Secondary Education Aaron R. Goldblatt Director of Curriculum and Instruction 908.552.7505
Special Services Dorothy McMullen Director of Special Services 908.436.5253
Security Dr. Mathew Glackin

Director of Security Programs

Office Name Name Title Telephone
Accounts Payable Guilherme Matheus Supervisor of Accounts Payable 908.436.5142
Assistant Superintendent's Office Peter Vosseler Supervisor of Anti-Bullying/EEOC 908.436.5317