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Bilingual & ESL Department Hosts Second Annual EPS Multicultural Festival

On June 5 2024, the Bilingual & ESL Department hosted the second annual EPS Multicultural Festival at Juan Pablo Duarte-José Julián Martí School No. 28. The festival celebrated diversity and multiculturalism by showcasing student work from each of our schools. Each EPS school participated by representing a country and making real-life landscapes, colorful posters, displays of student artwork, offerings of bite-sized samples of their country’s cuisine, real-life activities and games, and much more. Throughout the event, various schools were able to showcase diverse performance that added to the excitement and energy of the celebration. In addition, several local agencies were in attendance to share important information about the resources and services they provide to families. Local food trucks were also able to provide delicious eats to match the diversity of the event. Families were able to visit each country and agency with a “passport” to explore all the different areas of the Festival. With over 500 attendees, the Festival brought together friends and families to embrace and celebrate the beautiful diversity in our community.