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Seven Dwyer Technology Academy Students Accepted into Kean University Research Program


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Elizabeth, N.J., May 31, 2024 – Seven students from John E. Dwyer Technology were selected from a highly competitive pool of applicants to participate in the Group Summer Scholars Research Program (GSSRP) at the School of Integrative Science and Technology at Kean University.

The GSSRP is a hands-on research experience aimed at attracting and developing talented students who are interested in pursuing an education in a STEM field.   Participants work alongside faculty and staff on various innovative research projects, such as Cancer Biology, Developmental Biology, Scientific Computation, Modern Drug Discovery, and Machine Learning. 

Juniors Jonathan De Jesus Hernandez Hernandez, Shanaia Vasquez Liriano, Daniel Perilla, Cristian Pillcorema, Juan Felipe Rivera Reyes, Alexandra Centeno Valle, and Ashley Villelas from the Dwyer Technology Academy bilingual program were all accepted to participate in the Acoustics and Digital Signal Processing research stream with Dr. Edward Farnum. Dr. Farnum is an Assistant Professor of Applied Mathematics at the New Jersey Center for Science, Technology and Mathematics (NJCSTM) whose research interests, according to his bio on the Kean University website, include differential equations, mathematical physics, asymptotic analysis, numerical methods, and scientific computing.

Through the duration of the program, participants gain valuable technical skills and research experience, learn to work as part of a research team, develop a true appreciation of the scientific research process, and contribute firsthand to the acquisition of new scientific knowledge.

The GSSRP Organizing Committee has provided each of the seven students with a full scholarship to fund their participation in the four-week summer program.

Kean’s School of Integrative Science and Technology is one of a small group of institutes across the nation that seeks to change the way science and mathematics is taught by providing students with early, authentic research opportunities as well as throughout their education. The training experience students receive by conducting real research as part of a project team with faculty, graduate student mentors, and peers gives them a unique learning environment that builds confidence and identity through achievement.

“In recent years, Elizabeth Public Schools has increasingly found ways to involve its students at all age and grade levels in STEM related educational opportunities, through specific lessons or program or even schools at the elementary and secondary level dedicated to STEM curricula,” said Elizabeth Public Schools Superintendent Olga Hugelmeyer. “I am excited to see some of our students will have the opportunity to expand those horizons outside of our schools by participating in Kean University’s Group Summer Scholars Research Program. It is my hope that the program may inspire them to continue their STEM education after graduating from Dwyer Technology Academy and to pursue a STEM related career field.”

“I am proud to see some our bilingual students from John E. Dwyer Technology Academy receive the opportunity to participate in a prestigious research program at my alma mater, Kean University,” said Elizabeth Board of Education President Charlene Bathelus Dorgely. “Based on my own experience as a member of the Kean community, I know that our students are in good hands and will benefit from this unique program as they continue to navigate their pathway to future success. Special thanks to the organizing committee for considering and accepting our students to the Group Summer Scholars Research Program.”