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EBOE MTG May 9, 2024

The May 10 Elizabeth Board of Education business meeting at Donald Stewart Early Childhood Center School No. 51 opened with a moment of silence for Abraham Lincoln School No. 14 and Madison-Monroe School No. 16 Social Worker Victoria Eugenia Cruz-Calella and John Marshall School No. 20 Fourth Grade Teacher Annemarie Crilly Infante.

Board President Charlene Bathelus Dorgely presented a video spotlighting Board member Rosa Moreno Ortega who during the month of May is sponsoring the teacher appreciation initiative. During the month of May, Moreno Ortega visited various district schools to meet and greet team members and show her support for all Elizabeth Public Schools teachers. As a teacher herself, she recognizes the level of dedication that goes into teaching and believes it is important that we continue to value our teachers and the work that they do inside and outside of the classroom to help Elizabeth’s children reach their full potential.

Elizabeth Public Schools Superintendent Olga Hugelmeyer presented the student representative to the Board for the May meeting, senior Vincent E. Zeferino of Elizabeth High School – Frank J. Cicarell Academy. Zeferino serves as a school improvement panel member at EHS – FJC where he takes an active role working with teachers, parents, and administration to improve teaching and learning. He is a member of student government and the National Honor Society and has also been recognized by the College Board as an AP Scholar for passing three or more advanced placement exams. He has a passion for serving his school and community and the school administration feels great pride that he will be representing EHS – FJC as their student representative of the Elizabeth Board of Education. He also represented EHS – FJC at the December 2023 Board meeting. During the course of the meeting, Zeferino provided his report to the members of the Board and the public in attendance.

Hugelmeyer also presented the community updates for May, which can be found on the Elizabeth Public Schools website.