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Terence C Reilly School No. 7 Celebrates Student Excellence at NEHS Induction Ceremony

Terence C Reilly School No. 7 celebrates Student Excellence at NEHS Induction Ceremony! This April 30th, 2024 marked a major milestone for many young scholars as the NEHS Chapter of Terence C Reilly, School No. 7 held its annual induction ceremony to recognize and exemplify the outstanding achievements of its students. The ceremony honored 32 students who have demonstrated excellence in leadership, service, scholarship, character, and citizenship. The NEHS induction ceremony is an esteemed event that celebrates the dedication and hard work of these exceptional students. These young scholars have not only excelled academically but have also shown a commitment to serving their community and representing the values of the NEHS. 

The ceremony was carried out and conducted by NEHS office bearers under the guidance and leadership of NEHS Chapter Advisers Mrs. Hoyer and Mrs. Calisto with additional committee members which included Mrs. Pantano, Mrs. S Torres, Mrs. Rappa, and Mr. Lehman. This celebratory milestone was marked by the presence of community leaders like Councilwomen-at-large Patricia Perkins-Auguste, and Board of Education Commisioner, Stephanie Goncalves Pestana. Our distinguished guests in their address to the scholars felicitated them, recognized them as future leaders and motivated them to keep doing their best. Principal Terence C Reilly, Ms. Jenny Costa Reguinho, Vice Principal Ms. Maria Torres and Vice Principal Andreia Milano also played a crucial role in the ceremony offering words of wisdom and encouragement to the students. This ceremony is a proud moment for students, parents and educators alike as they all come together to honor the inductees’ commitment to excellence and their promise to uphold the high standards of NEHS.