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Take Your Child to Work Day

Elizabeth Public Schools team members from the James P. Mitchell Building, along with their children, participated in Take Your Child to Work Day. The morning was full of activities as the children met to have light refreshments before taking a tour of the building. They visited several departments throughout the building, including accounts payable, purchasing, technology, accounting, staff development, and human resources. While in technology, they had the opportunity to visit the print shop where they learned about graphic design and various types of signage printing. During their visit to human resources, the children were given an honorary team member identification card with their name and future career choice on it. Their visits to accounts payable, purchasing, and accounting allowed them to learn more about the operational side of a school district and how funds the district receives are allocated. They also learned that Elizabeth Public Schools continue to learn through training and professional development provided by staff development. The children took a tour of the data room to learn about the various types of data collected and how it is used to provide the highest quality education possible for Elizabeth Public Schools students. After touring the building, the children were treated to lunch and desert along with additional afternoon activities, including a mock trial organized by the district’s legal department and a movie.