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A Touch of Success-Black History Tour At School 03 & School 20

The JVJ STEM Academy embarked on the "A Touch of Success-Black History Tour" this month. Facilitated by the Student Representative to the Board Jeremiah La'Porte and the Academy administration. They have reached over 10 schools throughout the district. Today they attended School 20. With Special Guest Councilwoman Patricia Perkins-Auguste as well as School 3 with Special Guest, President Charlene Bathelus-Dorgely in attendance. 


The Focus of the workshop they present is to review Black Histories incorporation in education, significant figures, and law oversight and impact of Black history. The tour has reached students from 7, 8, and 9th grade. Other guest presenters included Keisha Henriquez, Juanita Hoyos, Pierre Jean-Baptiste, and Reynaldo Paulino.