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EPS Shines at The Ridge Invitational Tournament

The Ridge Invitational was an outstanding tournament and very competitive with hundreds of entries, not just schools from NJ but from other states as well! So proud of everyone who worked really hard, and the results continue to be seen! 🏆🥇
10th place team Sweepstakes!!

Congratulations to all of our Finalists:
Ahmed Abdellatif 2nd in INFO
Yeimy Noboa 4th in INFO
Janielys Ortiz 4th in Impromtu
Catarina Fernandez 4th in Congress
Mateo Bermudez 5th in Improv
Pricilla Jimenez 6th in Impromtu and 6th in OO.

Matthew Mendez in Congress

Mateo Bermudez in HI
Desteny Padilla in OO and Impromtu

Top advancing novice:
Hannah Bolhano in Radio Speaking