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Universal Harmony Day at Jerome Dunn Academy School No. 9

Universal Harmony Day! 

33 Days to Change the World: 

In 2015, as a result of the Sensei John Mirrione’s efforts traveling to 17 cities the Harmony Power Foundation was formed through generous pro bono work of companies AIG and Verizon. The charities mission is “stand up to bullying and stand for human equality.” 

In the same year, Sensei John did a TV Show with legendary Deepak Chopra on bullying and the Harmony Power Foundation’s mission. This show aired worldwide on numerous media outlets building awareness on this global crisis. 

The primary purpose of the Harmony Power Awards is to have students and staff at your school be recognized in a positive fashion to highlight their contributions in making your school a safe, happy, and productive place. This powerful system uses true positive reinforcement in recognizing the good children do in their community in mass volume. By doing so, the child’s self-esteem rises, thus transforming youth culture. 

Students are nominated by any school staff member (teacher, administrator, support staff) to receive a Harmony Power Award. A student can be nominated for expressing themselves through their gifts and talents; giving back to the community in a positive way—no act of kindness is too small. In 33 school days from the launch of the program, a minimum of 33% of the school’s population will be recognized on Universal Harmony Day.