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Letter to EPS Community- Thank You Principals- National Principals Month

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Olga Hugelmeyer



Superintendent of Schools




October 2, 2023


Dear Elizabeth Public Schools Learning Community,


School principals throughout the nation have committed themselves to ensuring the smooth operation of daily activities in warm, caring school environments where students have the best opportunity to learn and grow, perform at high levels, and develop academic, athletic, artistic, and life aspirations.


Elizabeth Public Schools joins school districts throughout the United States in celebrating National Principals Month to show appreciation for the immense dedication and steadfast leadership of our school principals in creating school climates that boost morale and encourage team members and students to succeed and reach their full potential.


Our principals establish the expectations and academic tone for their school communities while collaborating with teachers to provide students with a rigorous curriculum. They lead the charge in meeting our goals of college preparedness and career readiness for every child. We are proud of our principals for the guidance and support they demonstrate each day in various ways to help provide our students with innovative and personalized learning environments that ensure every child achieves excellence.


On behalf of the Elizabeth Public Schools learning community, we offer our school principals our deepest gratitude and appreciation for all they have done and will continue to do to further develop their instructional teams and the next generation of leaders.


Thank you for your ongoing stewardship as we continue our journey toward becoming one of the highest performing urban school districts in the nation.



Olga Hugelmeyer