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Board of Education Meeting 5-11-2023

At the May 11 Elizabeth Board of Education meeting at the Thomas G. Dunn Sports Center, the Board celebrated Cuban, Haitian and Portuguese Heritage Months.


Among the performances that took place prior to the official start of the meeting included the poems “Llegada” por Nicolas Guillen, performed by 11th Grade Admiral William F. Halsey, Jr. Health & Safety Academy student Valerie Saro Cuello, “Mar Português” de Fernando Pessoa, performed by 12th Grade Alexander Hamilton Preparatory Academy student Mackenzie Simone Guelho, and “Yo Vle Dekourajem Poum Pa Ekri an Kreyòl” Ekri pa: Hébert Logerie, performed by 12th Grade John E. Dwyer Technology Academy student Anaica Thomas; a living wax museum including Cuban figures Alma Flor Ada (Author) and Dr. Serena M. Aunon (Astronaut), Haitian figures Angie Bell (Author/Activist) and Jean Joel Desrouleaux (Singer/Songwriter), and Portuguese figured Pete Souza (Photographer) and Helder Antunes (Computer Scientist), performed by Students from Terence C. Reilly School No. 7; “El Manisero by Willy Chiniro”, performed by students of Juan Pablo Duarte-José Julián Martí School No. 28; Haitian Flag Day (Our Flag) recited by Board Member Stan Neron; Tribute to Haiti “Nou Se Caribbean” by Carifesta, performed by students of Nicholas Murray Butler School No. 23 and Board Vice President Charlene Bathelus Dorgely; “O Malhão, Malhão” by Linda De Suza, performed by Students of Dr. Antonia Pantoja School No. 27 and Board Members Diane Barbosa, Maria Carvalho, and Stephanie Goncalves Pestana; and “Michael’s Cha” by Michael Vinas, “The Girl from Ipanema” by Antonio Carlos Jobim, and “Footprints” by Wayne Shorter, performed by students of Elizabeth High School – Frank J. Cicarell Academy Advanced Jazz Band.


The business meeting opened with a moment of silence for Joseph Battin School No. 4 student Dave Alex Grande and Elizabeth out of district student Samirah Houston.


Alexander Hamilton Preparatory Academy senior and student representative of the Board of Education Monika Flores participated in the meeting.