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"Girls in Pearls" Contest Winners at Joseph Battin School No. 04

The 8th grade students at Joseph Battin School Number 4 celebrated Women’s History Month by participating in The Girls in Pearls Video contest.  The contest was sponsored by Elizabeth Board of Education Commissioners Vice President Charlene B. Dorgely and Maria Z. Carvalho. The 8th grade girls were asked to create a video explaining “Who is the most influential woman in your life.”  There were many participants who designed heartfelt and creative videos honoring a very important woman in their lives.  The board members selected ten young ladies as the winners for Joseph Battin School Number 4.  The winners are: Emely Cano Cruz, Danielle Moya, Ariana Armijos, Sarah Herrera, Luciana Silva, Estefany Velasquez, Nikol Orozco Torres, Veronica DePaz Moscoso, Delanie Grande and Michelle Albert.  

On March 28, 2023, Mrs. Charlene B. Dorgely and Mrs. Maria Z. Carvalho visited Joseph Battin School Number 4 to present these young ladies with their pearl necklaces, along with a pearl bracelet and pearl earrings.  The Joseph Battin School Number 4 community would like to congratulate the 8th grade girls on this accomplishment and thank their ELA teachers Maria Balogh and Jennifer Smalley who kindly guided the girls.