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Board of Education President Iliana Chevres visits Thomas Jefferson Arts Academy

"It was an honor having our Elizabeth Board of Education Board President, Mrs. Illana Chevres, tour Thomas Jefferson Arts Academy on February 27, 2023. In the beginning of the tour, Mrs. Chevres visited our cafeteria and introduced herself to our cafeteria staff thanking them for their service. She then traveled to our music wing where she spoke to our Music Technology students in Mr. Urmey’s class. Mrs. Chevres enjoyed watching our Guitar students play and learn from one another in Dr. Sabet’s class.


"After Mrs. Chèvres left the music wing, she visited several other classrooms. During the classroom visits she spoke to our self-contained mathematics students in Mrs. Janati’s and encouraged them to reach for the stars. Mrs. Chevres was very impressed with the student work displayed in our Graphic Design class. Our Board President also had a lengthy conversation with our Graphic Design instructor, Mrs. Jennifer Feliciano, about their shared experiences in graphic design. 

"Mrs. Chevres enjoyed meeting our student class government president, Ms. Camila Conza. Mrs. Chevres encouraged Camila to keep advocating for her student body and voicing their concerns to secure positive change and outcomes. Mrs. Chevres concluded her visit by meeting with our dancers in Ms. Monaco’s level I class. Mrs. Chevres encouraged our dance students to live through the music. Thomas Jefferson Arts Academy is eternally grateful to have had Mrs. Chevres visit us and share her words of wisdom with our students."