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Board of Education President Iliana Chevres Visits J. Christian Bollwage Finance Academy

Elizabeth Public Schools Board President, Ms. Iliana Chevres, visited J. Christian Bollwage Finance Academy on Tuesday, February 21st, 2023.

Ms. Iliana Chevres visited the Autism program and had the opportunity to observe the students in their Art Class. The students were actively engaged in a Black History project. When she walked into the room she was greeted warmly by the students – many of whom remembered her from past experiences. The students happily showed her the project they were working on and shared how much they enjoyed the activity. She also had an opportunity to visit the Life Skills classroom where she could see all the job-related and transitional activities that the students perform daily. These activities include laundry, dishes, popcorn sales, coffee cart, cooking and cleaning. 

Ms. Chevres proceeded to visit a Biology Honors class; She was impressed by how the students collaborated in setting up the lab to extract DNA from a model. Students explained that each triad group received a bag containing different types of material. The students’ job was to design a model of DNA. Mrs. Iliana Chevres was so impressed by how the students were engaged and collaborating with one another.

The President of the Board of Education of Elizabeth also visited a Business Economics class where students were actively completing a table of production and cost data to understand how costs of production affect prices. Ms. Chevres then proceeded to a US History II class. Students parsed through President Woodrow Wilson's Fourteen Point Plan, evaluating its purpose and efficacy. This lesson was meant to fortify students' argument building skills and illustrate how the effects of World War I contributed to later historical developments. Students were working in groups and engaged in discussion and greeted Ms. Chevres with enthusiasm and asked many questions.