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EBOE Selects Iliana Chevres as President, Charlene B. Dorgely as Vice President at Reorganization Meeting

EBOE Selects Iliana Chevres as President, Charlene B. Dorgely as Vice President at Reorganization Meeting
Diane Barbosa, Stanley Neron, and Isaias J. Rivera sworn-in to 3-year terms

The Elizabeth Board of Education held its reorganization meeting on January 4, 2023 at Chessie Dentley Roberts Academy School No. 30.

For the selection of the new Board President, Board member Stanley Neron nominated Iliana Chevres, who was unanimously voted in as President. Charlene Bathelus Dorgely, also nominated by Neron, was unanimously selected for the Vice President seat.

Chevres and Dorgely both thanked their families and their Board colleagues for their support in their remarks. Chevres shared her commitment to working alongside the members of the community and being one of strongest advocates for Elizabeth students, while Dorgely highlighted the importance of mental health and her hope that her service and leadership will inspire the district’s students to lead.

Prior to the start of the meeting, the three Board members-elect became official members during the Board’s annual swearing-in ceremony.

Diane Barbosa was sworn in by Union County Commissioner Lourdes Leon, Stanley Neron was sworn in by the Honorable Elizabeth Municipal Court Judge Carl Marshall, and Isaias J. Rivera was sworn in by City of Elizabeth 2nd Ward Councilman Nelson Gonzalez.

Barbosa shared her gratitude to her family, Board colleagues, and community, the power of working as one, and the importance of togetherness. Neron focused on his reasons for being a Board member, which included wanting to bring positive change to the district and, in becoming a husband and father, standing for his son and children throughout the world and ingraining in them that education is a right and not a privilege and should not be taken for granted.  Rivera shared a story about discouragement he received as a child in school from a teacher in another community and an uplifting message he received from a teacher while attending Elizabeth Public Schools at an older age, emphasizing the wonderful teachers and administrators that are in the Elizabeth community and the power of encouragement which helped guide him toward serving his community.

Neron will be serving his fourth term, Barbosa will be serving her third term, and Rivera will be serving his first term on the Board.