• Elizabeth Public Schools recently moved to a new mass notification system called Blackboard Connect. The new system is helping the district better communicate with parents and guardians, as well as members of the community, on time-sensitive situations such as severe weather alerts, and on other school issues.

    In order to receive communications from Elizabeth Public Schools, you must first register your contact information on our web portal. The portal offers a convenient way  to select the type of messages you wish to receive, your language preference, and the preferred mode of contact.

    If you are a parent or guardian of a student currently enrolled in the Elizabeth Public School system, please click on the link below to sign up for, or to change information if you have already registered.

    Parent Portal

    If you do not have child enrolled in the school system but would like to receive alerts about events and issues affecting Elizabeth Public Schools, please click on this link to sign up

    Community Portal

    Login below is for Administrators.

    Admin Login

    Those without Internet access, or who need assistance, are encouraged to call 908-436-5000 to sign up and manage your preferences.

    How to OPT IN/OUT of Blackboard Connect.

    Due to the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA) ruling by the FCC, all mass notification companies are required to provide the option to opt out of informational messages. In Connect, informational will apply to Outeach and Survey messages.

    For Voice calls, when an Outreach message is delivered, a recording will be inserted at the end of the message providing the recipient the option to press 9 to opt out or they can call 855-502-7867. If a message is left on an answering machine/voicemail, the system will only provide the option for the 855-502-7867 number.  These opt outs only apply to Outreach type messages and the recipient will continue to receive Emergency and Attendance messages as these message types pertain to the health/safety of the recipients. If a recipient opts out directly from their phone, they MUST opt back in the same way. A Super User nor Connect Support can force a number to be opted in after it has been opted out.

    ◦To opt in or out: Call 855-502-7867 and follow the prompts. Option 1 will be to opt out, Option 2 will be to opt in.

    For SMS, an option to opt out will appear at the bottom of every Outreach SMS message. The footer will say "Txt STOP to cancel." If the recipient replies STOP, they should receive an auto reply with instructions to opt out of your specific institution.  Unless they are opted into your institution only, then they will be opted out immediately from your institution.

    ◦To opt out: Send a text to 23177 and type STOP 1003360 in the body of the message.

    ◦To opt in: Send a text to 23177 and type START 1003360 in the body of the message. It may take a few minutes, depending on the recipient's carrier but, they should receive an auto reply letting them know they are opted back in.

    *Note: 1003360 is Revere Local Schools key code, or unique identifier in the Connect database.

    Access our Mobile App

    Welcome to the new Elizabeth Public Schools App!  The App, an all-in-one information source for parents, students, staff and community.  This app was designed with ParentLink and Elizabeth Public Schools. It has been customized for you! It provides direct access to the district’s most sought after information in the most convenient format -- your mobile device.

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