President's Tour Week 2
  • Elizabeth Board of Education President Stanley Neron kicked off Week 2 of his President’s Tour with a visit to Jerome Dunn Academy School No. 9 and also stopped at John Marshall School No. 20, Victor Mravlag  School No. 21, Nicholas Murray Butler School No. 23, and Dr. Albert Einstein School No. 29. Board President Neron continues to meet with students and staff to share encouraging words and stress the importance of believing in themselves.  Students and staff were excited to welcome the Board President to their learning communities and share their stories.

    Jerome Dunn Academy School No. 9

    President's Tour - JEROME DUNN ACADEMY NO. 9 - 2/13/2017
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    Board President Neron continued his presidential tour at Jerome Dunn Academy School No.9. On the tour with him were Commissioners Charlene Bathelus and Stephanie Goncalves and Union County Freeholder Sergio Granados. The tour began with an inspirational speech by Mr. Neron to the eighth grade Class of 2017 where he motivated the students to be the greatest of all time. He further urged the scholars to believe in themselves and to set goals for their futures. Each guest shared their stories and the importance of giving back to community.

    The second grade students serenaded Mr. Neron and the Commissioners by singing a quick tune. Impressed by their energy, Commissioner Bathelus shared that the second grade was her favorite grade in elementary school because of her teacher. Once again Mr. Neron asked the students to chant together, “We Believe.”

    With the fourth and fifth grade students, Mr. Neron inquired about their aspirations. The scholars raved about being future veterinarians, doctors, scientist, lawyers, zookeepers, and athletes. With confidence, Mr. Neron assured the scholars they would be successful as long as they believed in themselves first.

    John Marshall School No. 20

    President's Tour - John Marshall School No. 20 2/15/2017
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    On Wednesday, February 15th , Elizabeth Board of Education President Stanley Neron visited John Marshall School No. 20.  Mr. Neron toured the entire school building interacting with students, teachers, security guards, custodians, and cafeteria workers.  Mr. Neron met with both the sixth and seventh grade AVID students.  Conversations about life lessons continued after Mr. Neron left since many students were in awe from his visit. Students would later share with their teachers their admiration for Mr. Neron because of how much he had accomplished in his life despite many people doubting him.

    Victor Mravlag  School No. 21

    President's Tour - Victor Mravlag School No. 21 - 2/16/2017
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    Victor Mravlag School No. 21 recently welcomed our Elizabeth Board of Education President, Mr. Stanley Neron. The students were very happy and excited to share what they are learning as Mr. Neron toured the building. Our Board President’s tour included a visit to Ms. Meirinho’s first grade class to view the chicks that hatched, to the music rooms where Ms. Richa’s students were playing the ukulele and to Ms. Andrejcisk’s students who were practicing for upcoming musical shows. Other classes visited were Mr. McCollough’s fifth grade social studies class, gym class with Mr. Cole and his bilingual students, a Kindergarten Autism class with Ms. Akbar, and even to students in the cafeteria during lunch! Board President Neron also stopped to talk and pose with many staff members: Ms. Natalie Edmonds – school personal assistant, 8th grade student Samiyah who spoke in French Creole to Mr. Neron, Ms. Akbar and her assistants, Deborah Hydock, Cynthia Fulton and Deyanira Jimenez, occupational therapists Robin Edwards and Aida Mendez, classroom assistant Ms. Cynthia Fulton, our cafeteria personnel Ms. Anica Pecic, Rita Guevara, Tanya Martinez, and Maria DeLorenzo, custodian Ms. Alicia Jimenez, Security Michelle Malva and Ricardo Chaparro, the principal, Dr. Mari Celi Sanchez and students in the hallway.

    Board President Neron’s message to all the students he saw was to

    “Believe in Yourselves”

    “Never Give Up”


    “Always Follow Your Goals”

    Thank you Board President Neron for your inspiring visit and tour of our school.

    Nicholas Murray Butler School No. 23

    President's Tour - Nicholas Murray Butler School No. 23 - 2/17/2017
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    Nicholas Murray Butler School No. 23 had the honor of spending time with Elizabeth Board of Education President Stanley Neron as he continued his president's tour around the district.  In his visit to several classes, students listened attentively as Mr. Neron shared the importance of believing in oneself and remaining focused on one's dreams despite life's circumstances. Students were reminded that there will always be challenges in their lives, however, it's what they do next that will make the difference. Mr. Neron left each class with a simple yet inspiring message -'We believe!'

    Dr. Albert Einstein School No. 29

    President's Tour - Dr. Albert Einstein Academy School No. 29 2/14/2017
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    On February 14, Board President Stanley Neron and Board member Diane Barbosa were welcomed into Dr. Albert Einstein School No. 29. Mr. Neron was able to meet with students, staff and educators while visiting the building. Mr. Neron had the opportunity to speak with students in the early childhood program, visit the physical education department as well as the Haitian Creole Bilingual classroom.  Lastly, he was able to enjoy School No. 29's blended learning program, which permits students to fully immerse in the LEADS program. Mr. Neron shared his inspirational message of self-worth and perseverance, encouraging students to believe in themselves and fiercely pursue their dreams, echoing the beliefs of the Dr. Albert Einstein school community.