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    Main Building - 310 Cherry St. | Elizabeth, NJ 07208
    9th Grade Academy Annex Building - 1003 N. Broad Street | Elizabeth, NJ 07207

Parent/Teacher Conference

  • Scheduling is very easy.  Please click on the shift links below to choose the teachers you would like to meet with.  There are two different schedules offered: teachers that are on first shift (teachers are available from 1:00-2:30), and second shift (teachers are available from 1:00-3:20).

    Alexander Hamilton Preparatory Academy Main Alexander Hamilton Preparatory Academy Annex
    First Shift Second Shift   First Shift Second Shift
    Ms. Ali Miss Banks   Mr. Araujo Mr. Adler
    Ms. Barber Mr. Bonheur   Mr. Ayd Ms. Augustine
    Ms. Brodsky Mr. Brenckman   Ms. Furnback Ms. Buffa
    Ms. Chhibber Ms. Camp-Colon   Ms. Guiducci Mr. Coppola
    Ms. Christodoulakis Ms. Coimbra   Mr. Mathew Ms. Cuartas
    Mr. Holman Mr. Conner   Mr. Morisset Mr. Day
    Ms. Jacob Ms. Corea   Ms. Rosenfeld Mr. Marques
    Ms. Joshi Ms. Craven   Mr. Sellitto Mr. Nicoletta
    Mr. Kelada Ms. D'Innocenzio     Mr. Williams
    Mr. Labaut Ms. Giliam      
    Ms. Labrador Mr. Liquori      
    Ms. Loftus Mr. Loenser      
    Ms. Pereira Mr. Marcune      
    Ms. Roszkowski Mr. Meade      
    Mr. Sacca Mr. Prol      
    Ms. Shah Mr. Reines      
    Ms. Sehgal Mr. Roszkowski      
    MS. Valcin Ms. Saavedra      
    Ms. Ventura Ms. Sabogal      
      Mr. Silberman      
      Mr. Sullivan      
      Ms. Suresh      
      Ms. Yost      




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