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Georgie Badiel Miss Africa "The Water Princess" Visits School 2

On Friday June 7th, 2019 Georgie Badiel model, author and activist visited Winfield Scott School No. 2 to speak with our scholars about becoming the solution to big world problems and challenges.  Badiel was Miss Burkina Faso in 2003 and Miss Africa 2004.  Georgie Badiel is a co-creator and author of the book The Water Princess, a picture book which tells the story of her West African nation’s desperate need to bring about clean water to her people.  As a young girl, Geogie had to walk three hours daily in order to bring clean water to her village.

Our WE students and National Junior Honor Society worked together in creating a campaign to help raise funds to build a well in Africa with School No. 12 and No. 21.  During the campaign many of our students learned a valuable lesson based on the story and videos they viewed.  One parent contacted the school and stated that her Daughter Desiree a PreK student came home full of emotions.  She said that “I was told that the boys and girls need water in Africa” later mom noticed the sink water was turned on in the bathroom.  Mom went and turned it off, thinking it was Dad who forgot to turn off the water.  The second time I heard the noise of water in the bathroom.  Then daddy is gone for work.  Mom knew then it was her daughter Desiree.  Mom asked why she turned the water on?   Desiree answered and said that I want the kids in Africa to have all my water “ don’t worry mommy I wouldn’t take a shower for 25 days”.  Mom told her daughter that she can give the campaign her tooth fairy money instead.  She agreed to give her $5, she was happy and dancing.  She has decided to donate all her tooth fairy money to kids in Africa to have water for life.  Her goal she said is to have boys and girls be happy like her.  She said, my second tooth is shaking now.   Mom shared the story to encourage the school that they are raising amazing scholars to build a better tomorrow.   Georgie Badiel took a picture with her, gave her a signed book and promised to write to her regularly.   Winfield Scott Donated $1000 to help build a well to the foundation.