Video Portfolio Submission

  • Beginning in 2024, students who wish to enroll at Katherine Johnson, Dorothy Vaughan, Mary Jackson STEM Academy will be required to submit a video portfolio highlighting why they would be an excellent candidate to join the JVJ STEM Academy learning community. We believe the video portfolio process is beneficial for several reasons:

    Ensuring equity for all students: A video portfolio can help the school to build a diverse student body by considering students who may not have had access to the same resources or opportunities as others. This can lead to a more well-rounded student body and can help to address the underrepresentation of certain groups in STEM fields.

    Assessing skills and aptitude: A video portfolio allows our school to assess a student's skills and aptitude in STEM subjects beyond just test scores or grades. The portfolio can demonstrate a student's creativity, problem-solving skills, and ability to think critically.

    Showcasing accomplishments: A video portfolio can showcase a student's accomplishments and highlight their potential to succeed in a STEM program. This can include examples of projects, experiments, research, or other activities related to STEM.

    Demonstrating passion: A video portfolio can demonstrate a student's passion for STEM subjects and their desire to pursue a career in a STEM field. This can help JVJ STEM to identify students who are highly motivated and committed to their education.

    Overall, a portfolio can provide a more comprehensive picture of a student's potential for success in our STEM program all while ensuring that

    Waitlisted students are admitted into the program and are considered based on interest. Too many students just choose an academy without really knowing what is about or yearning to be engrossed in what our program offers which takes away from culture, use of resources budgeted for our STEM related programs and conflict with overall student body interests.


    Elements of JVJ’s Video Portfolio:

    A video portfolio for consideration into our program should showcase the student’s skills and accomplishments in STEM fields.  Below are some elements that the video portfolio could include:

    Introduction: Start the video with an introduction that includes student name, the program student is applying to, and a brief explanation of what the video will cover.

    Personal statement: Include a personal statement that explains why the student is interested in STEM and what motivates the student to pursue a career in this field.

    Projects: Showcase any projects or experiments that the student has completed in STEM fields. For example, this could include a demonstration of a science experiment, a coding project, or a robotic creation, and others.

    Research: If the student has conducted any research in a STEM field, include a summary of the research and its findings. Students can also include any papers or reports they have written on the topic.

    Extracurricular activities: If the student has participated in any extracurricular activities related to STEM, include footage or photos of those activities. This could include a robotics club, coding club, or science fair, and others.

    Teamwork: Showcasing teamwork skills is important for STEM programs, so include examples of any group projects or team collaborations that the student has participated in.

    Problem-solving: Demonstrate problem-solving skills by including examples of how the student has approached and solved problems in STEM fields.

    Conclusion: Students should end the video with a brief summary of their achievements and why they believe that they would be a good fit for our school.

    Here is the link for upload:

    JVJ Video Portfolio