J. Christian Bollwage Finance Academy Uniform Policy

  • Students must be in full uniform all day.  Uniform infractions will result in suspension pending a parent conference and one of the following: after-school or Saturday detention. **

    The uniform is as follows: the navy blazer with logo, the long or short sleeve light blue oxford button down with logo, and the gold and navy tie.  Students must be in long khaki pants or a khaki skirt of appropriate length with navy knee high socks or navy tights.  Shirts must be tucked in to pants and skirts.  Pants and skirts should be worn around the waist, not lower.  New for 2018-19: Shoes must be black, dark brown, or navy and closed-toed; no high heels, boots, or sandals allowed. No sneakers (unless they are a solid dark color), will be allowed. No additional accessories- including scarves, doo rags, hats, or bandanas- allowed. 

    Classroom: Students must be in full uniform all class or students may remove the blazer and drape it across the back of the chair. Blazers are not allowed to be anywhere else in the room including on the tables, on the shelves, or in the bookbags.

    Hall/Bathroom: Full uniform, including blazers, must be worn at all times in the hallway, even when walking to the bathroom or the office.  Students may not have non-uniform articles of clothing on them.

    Cafeteria during breakfast and lunch: Students must be in full uniform on the breakfast and lunch line and when leaving the cafeteria during the lunch period. 

    Gym: Students should wear shorts (of appropriate length) or sweatpants with a t-shirt or athletic shirt (no tank tops or undershirts).  Students must wear sneakers (no boots or sandals).  If students are not in gym clothes, students must be in full uniform and will lose credit for class.

    Entrance: All students, even those who have gym first period, must come to school in full uniform. Jackets and other outerwear must be left in lockers and may not be carried around during the school day.

    **Students who come without a piece of the school uniform will have to call a parent to have the uniform brought to school. Students must stand at the main entrance or in the nurse’s office until they have made contact with a parent to get their uniform.  Students will not be allowed to stay in school without their uniform (no excuses, such as laundry).  Students will lose attendance credit for missed classes due to uniforms infractions.