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GWA No.1 – Student-Led Instuctional Rounds

IR During American Education Week at George Washington Academy, students participated in an eye-opening Student- Led Instructional Rounds. Teams of 8th grade students, instructional coaches, and administrators visited four classrooms and then discussed what they observed using the RAC Walk- through Rubric. Students offered feedback based on the evidence collected on their classroom visits.

Students completed a small narrative on their experiences, below are some examples;

“During these observations I saw with my own two eyes students from the classes were really excited to learn as they were eagerly raising their hands.” – Al’Shamiyah McClain

“Now I see what the staff has to go through, I WOULD LOVE TO DO THIS AGAIN, it has inspired me to do the right thing.” – Fatim Wells

“I learned the difficulty of evaluating people in a 10 minute window.” – Daniel Bido

“Teachers were doing a good job of explaining the material to students who did not comprehend.” – Raymarie Capellan

“Expereince was very interesting and it gave me a chance to see from a different perspective.” –Stephanie Meza

“My experience was very interesting, it felt weird to be in the point of view of the adults.” – Ivan Polanco