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2016 Promising Practice Award

2016 National Promising Practice Award

 Donald Stewart has been selected as a 2016 Promising Practice by in May 2016 for its dedication in celebrating diversity during Multicultural Week.  During this celebration, School #51 recognizes and celebrates their diverse school community by embracing different cultures through hands-on activities planned by their Multicultural Committee.  Activities include “Travels Around the World” which invites students to tour the different countries featured on the hallway bulletin boards learning important facts about each country.  Students are also treated to different foods during mealtimes throughout the week prepared by the kitchen staff.  Parents bring in music from their countries and the students listen to the cd’s throughout the day and are encouraged to try different dances from around the world.  The music teacher includes new songs from different countries and explains how music is enjoyable from every part of the world. The art teacher focuses on artwork made by different artists from different countries throughout the week.  During show and tell the students showcase artifacts, pictures, maps and other items with significant cultural importance. They culminate the activity with a grand display of ethnic costumes during a Multicultural Fashion Show. During this event, students and staff come together to put on a lively Fashion Show for parents, district representatives, and community members.  This celebration teaches the students to respect and appreciate all the cultures that make up their diverse learning community by admiring, cheering and participating with everyone.  The school has embedded their embrace for diversity throughout the school and year round as they display their school motto “Friends Care Friends Share” in five different languages along with their school mascot, Tian – Tian the panda.  Congratulations to School #51 for making lifelong connections.