This test kitchen is used to teach across a wide range of content areas.  Here students go over recipes (literacy), measure ingredients (math), take turns mixing those ingredients (social) and observe what has happened to those ingredients after the cooking process (science).  They are also taught which foods are good for them such fruits and vegetables and which foods are not (health).



     This is one of our outside areas where teachers can take the students outside to learn about gardening.  It is also utilized by our gym teacher for different parachute activities.



     This is one of our outside court yards where the children receive fifty minutes per day of Gross Motor Time.  It is during this time where students develop a competence in activities that include hopping, galloping, jumping and running.  Balls, hula-hoops, bikes and scooters are used to help the children develop a sense of coordination and expands on spatial and cognitive learning.



     This is our nurse's office where your child is brought if they are not feeling well.  Different health screenings may be conducted here during the year.



     This is our multipurpose room where the children have gym.  Our gym teacher incorporates the High/Scope curriculum into all of her lessons.  Some of the activities that she does with the students throughout the year include learning to play soccer and basketball, riding scooters and learning how to catch a ball.