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6th Annual Music Under the Stars


An Ode to the 6th Annual Music Under the Stars

Did you see the 6th annual Music Under the Stars show?

What's that you ask? Its a musical celebration don't you know?

Students from 7, 29, and 26 came for singing and for fun

The forecast said rain but the sun came out at 1


Terence C Reilly students came to sing with their shirts all bright

Coming to support music and Mrs. Teixera that night.


School 29 was the biggest group by far

Their spirit was high and their soloists were stars.


School 26 students hosted friends old and new

Who knew that their stage could hold one-hundred and thirty-two 


During the day, they stretched their minds

Teachers shared their craft, their art, and their time.


We danced, made friends, and learned something new

But wait, why were we here? We have more to show you


160 musicians took to the field and performed for the city

Music soared above from Timberlake to Disney


They cheered, sang and laughed through the night

Elizabeth shows true spirit, our future is bright



Christine Cho Murphy

School 26