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Community Symposium on Water Quality

Community Symposium on Water QualityThe Elizabeth Board of Education and Elizabeth Public Schools hosted the Community Symposium on Water Quality at John E. Dwyer Technology Academy Auditorium on June 13. Members of the Elizabeth community were invited to the consortium as the Board and school district presented information about the topic of water quality as it pertains to the school system and the proactive efforts that have been taken by the Board and Elizabeth Public Schools to help ensure the safety of its children, its team members, and all people who enter the school district’s buildings. Luis Couto, Director of Plant, Property, and Equipment, presented details of the measures that have been taken by the district with regard to water quality. Board members President Charlene Bathelus and José Rodriguez, Superintendent of Schools Olga Hugelmeyer, and City of Elizabeth Health Officer Mark S. Colicchio also helped facilitate the event and answer questions presented by the public.