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Father's Day Letter to EPS Team Members- 2024

Olga Hugelmeyer



Superintendent of Schools




June 14, 2024


Dear Elizabeth Public Schools Team Members:


As a school district, our goals are to ensure the boys and girls who grow up in our schools and graduate as young men and women are college prepared and career ready.


This responsibility includes empowering them with the academic skills and knowledge necessary to succeed in whatever goal they wish to pursue, but also goes further to reaching the heart of who our students are by inspiring them to care for others through social emotional and character education. All future careers begin with the gift of an education, which comes in many forms, including in the classroom, out on the playing field, on the performance stage, in the community, or in the homes of family members and friends.


This Sunday, we will celebrate a special group of our team members who serve as important role models to our students and prepare them to college, careers, and life success. They help develop our students to flourish in their journeys beyond the walls of our schools, but, first and foremost, to be upstanding people who will be caring contributors to their families, their friends, and their communities.


In honor of Father’s Day, I would like to thank all our fathers who are part of our Elizabeth Public Schools family and those who take on a paternal role in their lives for preparing our students for life success and serving as shining examples for how to treat and care for others. Your devotion to our learning community is truly appreciated.


Best wishes for a Father's Day that celebrates all you give to our students and your families.




Olga Hugelmeyer