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Elmora School 12 recognized Autism Awareness Day


On Tuesday, April 2nd, all students at Elmora School 12 recognized Autism Awareness Day with a large celebration.  Each class was asked to wear a different color representing the colors of the spectrum.  Starting from Pre-K and ending with 8th grade, students walked onto the playground to form a human ribbon.  Then the entire school watched a 4th grade presentation about the importance of understanding and accepting people who have Autism.  Powerful and meaningful songs made everyone smile and realize the growing need for awareness.  Some of the following songs were “Not So Different,” “Fight Song” and “High Hopes,” which brought tears of joy when the honored classrooms along with teachers and assistants, joined the 4th graders in dancing.  An important line that the 4th graders wanted to share from the song, “Not So Different,” is “It takes a village, it takes a will, it takes some work and it takes time.”  Elmora School 12’s theme for the month of April is acceptance.  What a perfect way to set examples for students to show appreciation!