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100th Day of School @ Elmora No.12


In honor of the 100th day of school, the 4th grade students at Elmora School #12 performed their PBL to the theme of our school, “How Full is Your Bucket”.  To prepare for this presentation, the students brainstormed and created a list of 100 ways to fill someone’s bucket.  They named their project, “100 Ways to Fill Someone’s Bucket.”  Some examples are the following: saying please and thank you, lending someone a tie, and visiting someone in the hospital, etc.   A touching moment was when the three 4th grade classes walked into the auditorium to the song and video, “Humble and Kind.”   Students performed a song that their teachers adapted from the song, “Season’s of Love” from the show RENT and titled it “Buckets of Love.”  This presentation integrated LAL, Math, and Character Education.  Students were excited to show off their math skills and engaged the audience on calculating how many minutes are in 100 days.  Everyone was so impressed and inspired.  While learning about kindness and giving, a castle was displayed that resembles the castle of Make a Wish Foundation in Monroe Township, NJ.  Between the third and fourth marking periods, we will be studying Fairytales and researching worthwhile charities.   Make a Wish will be our school-wide WEE project and students, parents and faculty will be asked to make contributions to this worthy cause.  Our goal is to help make a sick child’s wish come true.   This PBL project allows our students to experience firsthand the impact their efforts will have on filling a child’s bucket.  It makes them realize how lucky they are to be healthy and in such a loving, safe school.