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Water is Life – A Day to Remember at Elmora School No. 12!


Water is Life – A Day to Remember at Elmora School No. 12!

A school worldwide project turns out to be a wonderful success!  All year students and teachers at Elmora School no. 12 have been busy creating fundraisers to raise enough money to install a well outside a school in Africa.  The National Jr. Honor Society and WE Program joined with the 4th graders to create a heartwarming assembly that students and staff will never forget.  

Their guest of honor was Georgie Badiel, a high-fashion model who has appeared on runways of many notable designers.  Ms. Badiel is the founder of the Georgie Badiel Foundation, committed to providing access to clean drinking water to the people of Burkina Faso and other countries in Africa.  

The entire school community read The Water Princess, a storybook inspired by Georgie’s childhood.  As a young girl, Georgie would wake up at dawn every morning to walk miles with an empty pot on her head to a water well that she would fill with water and then walk back the same miles to bring clean water to her family.  Her family would use this water to cook, bath and drink.   The students were so inspired by “The Water Princess,” they felt compelled to do something for the children of Africa.

On Friday, June 8th Georgie Badiel visited School No. 12.  Students in the halls were beaming with happiness as they walked into their auditorium singing, “We are the World.”  There was not a dry eye in the assembly!  Ms. Badiel was crying with joy.  She was speechless.  Badiel’s assistant mentioned that this was the first time a school ever celebrated her with such a tribute. Her first words were, “This is the best day of my life.  Thank you!”

The 4th graders presented their 100th Day Project Based Learning on “100 Important Uses of Water,” as they walked in placing a dollar each in the Elmora Well.  A touching song written with water related lyrics adapted to John Lennon’s, “Imagine,” was breathtaking.  Student ballerinas added a soft touch to the presentation.

The New Jersey Honor Society met with Ms. Badiel for a Q & A session as a follow-up.  She presented each of them with a personalized signed book.  She spoke to the students about hardships and overcoming obstacles in life.

The school exceeded their $3000.00 goal!  School 12 proudly presented Georgie Badiel with a check for $4128.00 to The Georgie Badiel Foundation.  Ms. Badiel was pleased to announce that a well outside a school in Burkina Faso will be named “Elmora School”.  This is a true example of the words, “The giving hand receives the most.”