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Schools In!!! Mid Summer Kickoff


Schools #6, #16,  #18, district supervisors, and our technology department collaborated to assist students learning during the summer months. Studies show a considerable amount of  learning is lost in what many refer to as the summer slide, school staff provided information and resources for parents and students to help make gains during the summer months.

We focused on five specific areas during this informational workshop:

Tips for families,  links to helpful sites and programs in all subjects, ready made references of skills necessary to succeed in the upcoming school year,  social and emotional guidance for families, and interactive games parents and children can play with at home that involve learning and a lot of FUN!

Our main goal was to assist families during the summer months. After looking closer at studies we thought this would be a wonderful interaction between three close community schools to show solidarity and camaraderie in student success throughout the ENTIRE YEAR!