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PowerSchool Announcement

Dear Elizabeth Public Schools Parents and Guardians,

PowerSchool is the Student Information System used by the Elizabeth Public Schools.  Parents/guardians can log into PowerSchool to view grades, attendance, schedules, assignments and other information.  School personnel use PowerSchool to access vital information about your student(s), record grades and take attendance.

PowerSchool for parents/guardians is easy to use and will allow you take a more active role in your child’s education.  PowerSchool at the Elizabeth Public Schools is available to parents/guardians in grades K-12 and students in grade 6-12.   In order to complete annual school registration through PowerSchool (E-registration), a parent PowerSchool account must be set up for you.  This is completed when your student is initially enrolled in PowerSchool.

Students schedules are now available for grades K-12 on PowerSchool Parent Portal.  Before the first day of school, you’ll need to use a browser to view 2019-20 schedules. This includes those using smartphones and tablets. On the first day of school, schedules will be visible using the PowerSchool Portal App.