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First Ladies Pinning Ceremony


The First Ladies of Jerome Dunn Academy School No. 9 was established in October of 2015. Ms. Jasmine Lee, Professional School Counselor at School No. 9, facilitates the program. The overall goal of the program is to increase self-efficacy by exploring identity based around five factors (ie: creative self, coping self, physical self, social self and essential self.) We engage in-group activities, discussions, and community learning projects to strengthen self-perception and leadership characteristics in our school and community. This year the program extended to George Washington School No. 1 under the guidance of Ms. Story Thompson and Dr. Antonia Pantoja School No. 27 under the guidance of Ms. Lindsay Walker. This program offers evidence of the benefits of First Ladies potentially stretching far beyond our schools and the Elizabeth community. Extremely happy and pleased with the outcome of our first pinning ceremony to commemorate the young ladies for completing the program for the 2018-2019 school year.